"Forget Being Skinny, I Want To Be The FATTEST!!!"

donna simpson2 1596685c "Forget Being Skinny, I Want To Be The FATTEST!!!"

New Jersey woman, Donna Simpson, already holds the title in the Guiness Book of World Records of being the world’s biggest mom by giving birth to her daughter at 520lbs. Now she going for the title of being the FATTEST woman in the world by breaking the 1000lbs mark.

Simpson is currently 600lbs wearing size XXXXXXXL in dresses. She said in order for her to get those 400lbs to break the record she eats bags of donuts, whole cakes, tons of fast food, and moves as little as possible. WOW!!! We’ll see if it is possible for her to get to 1,000lbs. I guess we should say… GOOD LUCK?!?!

  • bricka

    This woman is either the dumbest or slowest woman in the world. She will have a heart attack before she reaches her goal. Life is too short to be stupid.

    • KjonC


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