DC Is Fit To Run The Nation

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dc DC Is Fit To Run The Nation

DC fittest city in the nation

America’s 5 Fittest Cities

No. 5: Portland, Ore.
Score: 70.4
Obesity Rate: 23.9%
Exercise Rate: 82.3%

Portland is dotted with dog parks, doctors offices and “no smoking” signs–which add up to impressive health stats.

No. 4: Seattle, Wash.
Score: 70.5
Obesity Rate: 22.8%
Exercise Rate: 81.9%

The Pacific Northwest either produces or attracts health citizens. Seattle scores high by providing physical education classes for kids and tennis courts for adults.

No. 3: Minneapolis, Minn.
Score: 71.7
Obesity Rate: 23.9%
Exercise Rate: 84.3%

A penchant for exercise offsets slightly above-average obesity rates in the Twin Cities.

No. 2: Boston, Mass.
Score: 72.6
Obesity Rate: 19.9%
Exercise Rate: 78.6%

Boston’s relatively affluent population avoids cigarettes and stays trim. The state also mandates that all its residents have health insurance.

No. 1: Washington, D.C.
Score: 73.5
Obesity Rate: 22.6%
Exercise Rate: 80.1%

America’s fittest city is Washington D.C. It scores high on almost every measure of fitness, whether it’s bicycling commuters, farmers’ markets or recreation centers.

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