The Kool Out Quesiton of The Night…

A lot of time people look at a person looks before they get to know them..And sometimes people get to know a person mentally before they find their looks appealing. We want to know which is more important to you looks or mental stimulation?

black couple cup of coffee The Kool Out Quesiton of The Night...

Leave your comment and let me know.

  • Ambiance of Luv

    When I was younger looks mattered most. Now that I have matured, I have come to appreciate the beauty of a healthy spirit. Sure looks are nice but a healthy spirit is simply undeniable to me. I know many people say that the first thing you notice are the features but that isn’t true in my opinion.

    Through our eyes, we see what we want to see and the order in which we choose to see things vary. Because I am so interested in acquainting myself with a healthy spirited person, I actually notice their aura/vibe before I focus in on the physical.

    The more I am mentally stimulated the more attractive an individual appears to me. Now I will be realistic, I have met individuals that had great personalities but “Sexually” speaking I wasn’t interested. But then that goes back to a person’s intent. I don’t choose to view new people from a sexual view first.

    Looks matter but mental stimulation matters most to me now.

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