This is why some Police give the good ones a bad name.

If you haven’t seen this video yet…just get ready.

mcgruff This is why some Police give the good ones a bad name.

I had to watch this like 4 times to really believe this.

  • US Citizen

    Question? If this were a white officer striking a “Trailer trash white woman would “The Big Tigger Morning Show” be so quick to call this cop “Bad”? I`m not saying he`s right because I don`t know what caused the situation. I do know that anywhere in the US you assault a cop you`re going to get dealt with. See it this way. How many non police males do this to women daily? On the other hand, when the MD State Trooper was cowardly gunned down a week ago, why was there no public outcry? Why was there no public assistance in bringing his killer to justice? I did not hear one single thing in reference to your show wanting the killer of that young brother State Trooper brought to justice. This white officer`s training may have allowed that level of force. The justice department, the Mayor, his Chief of Police and his department all back him up. Maybe we shouldn`t be so quick to point the finger of guilt. Tigger, I can tell you`re a very intelligent brother. Lets` not be blinded by 5 minutes of video when there probably is at least another 5 minutes you did not see. Love the show

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