Men Need To Take Care Of Their Responsibilities!!!

kareem obama Men Need To Take Care Of Their Responsibilities!!!

The President of the United States, Barack Obama, is working with FatherHood.Gov to get men to come forward and take care of their seeds. Check out the commercial…

However, the commercial has been said to be too feminine. Hmmm… DMV, what do you think???

  • Jeff

    As a military member I am far to familiar with that comercial. It’s MSG is to spend as much time with ur fan as u can cause u don’t know were you’ll be tomorow I.e. The sandbox… P.s. Any real man knows when it comes to your children there is no such thing as to feminine or to masculine, as long as you are getting involved with there intrests. (u can see many more of these kinds of comercials probably if you search for afn comercials (dads playing war with waterguns with there kids)

    • Sassy

      I agree with Jeff 100%

  • Sasha

    I also agree with Jeff. I don’t think the commercial is too feminine. I think that the father is a REAL man spending tine and participating in his daughter’s activity. This is one of those moments his daughter will always remember.

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