Tiger, One Question… Was It Worth It?!

tiger Tiger, One Question... Was It Worth It?!

SMH. Tiger Woods probably feels like a… Hmmm…??? Can’t think of the perfect word, but Tiger Woods pockets are about to feel $750 MILLION lighter and his ex-wife, Elin, is about to get PAID!!! Check it out…

Tiger Woods has agreed to the amount. When you do the math each one of the women he stepped out on his wife with is worth about $44 MILLION!!! WOW!!! Elin was able to get that amount when they realized Tiger was worth over a billion. Other than Elin getting money and the kids she has also added one rule when it comes to their 3 year old daughter, Sam, and 1 year old son, Charlie: There is not to be any woman around their children unless he is married to her. Elin is determined to keep her children from seeing the womanizing side of their father. INTERESTING!!! However, Tiger was able to give some rules too. Elin is not able to do any interviews, tell-all books, or TV appearances dealing with this situation for the rest of her life–even after Tiger dies. WOW!!!

Tiger. Tiger. Tiger. How did you mess up this bad?! SMH.


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