You Can Overcome ANYTHING!!!

vale You Can Overcome ANYTHING!!!

I found this beautiful video of the valedictorian at Booker T. Washington High School in Atlanta, Georgia delivering his speech. This video shows that you are capable of overcoming anything. This is a definite tear-jerker. Check it out…

Congratulations Deonte Bridges and Class of 2010.

  • RoCa

    God Bless his soul and the long paths they all have yet to travel. If there is anything to be learned it is : Anything can be possible! From a Latin Female who knows all too well the struggles of everyday and what the future brings… This is an inspiration to me…

  • missraneesq

    Hope renewed. Well done young brother!

  • deonte bridges

    Thanks everyone!

  • Tisha S.

    that was great and heartfelt I will post this on my facebook to show all that it can be done. Still I rise even after all that has gone wrong for me. Amen brother keep your hopes and faith and I promise you will be bigger than you ever could imagine one day

  • christa

    Well done! I hope he continues on the right path!

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