Did Obama Eat At A White Racist Ice-Cream Shop?

mt  desert Did Obama Eat At A White Racist Ice Cream Shop?

Do you think this looks like the 60's black power logo??? Is President Obama a racist for eating at this ice-cream shop? They're really reaching with this one...literally.

Ok,  we think the haters are really reaching now! Is President Obama trying to send a radical message to his supporters by eating at an ice-cream shop that uses this logo????  Read on for more>>>

black power Did Obama Eat At A White Racist Ice Cream Shop?

Some conservative bloggers have insinuated that Obama’s visit to the ice cream shop was prompted by the shop’s logo. The logo is an upright black fist clenching a spoon, which closely resembles the clenched fist that was adopted as a symbol of black power in the 1960s.

One blogger even went as far as to suggest that Obama chose this ice cream shop to send out a message to his “core radical base.”  Even though he’s a powerful man, I highly doubt that this much thought and deliberation went into deciding to go to this very ice cream shop.  It might just be a mere coincidence that the logo from the ice cream shop just so happens to look similar to the black power symbol.  But of course, people are prepared to jump to conclusions and point out our nation’s president as a radical black power activist.  Maybe he just has a sweet tooth?


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