What Chilli Wants…

ta What Chilli Wants...

Tameka Foster-Raymond, [lastfm]Usher[/lastfm]’s ex-wife breaks it down for the folks what Chili wants. Check it out…

You all remember what Chili said about Usher on his VH1 Behind the Music right??? Check this out…

Ok. Heard it??? Well, Tameka likes to think of herself as a Twitter Thug and took to her page to speak on that gushiness coming from Chili. Look what she said…

tweet11 What Chilli Wants...

tweet21 What Chilli Wants...

Why does she care??? She has what Chili wants??? Does she really have Usher??? Why are they arguing over Usher??? C’MON SON!!! Tameka, sweetie, mama always said it’s better to say nothing at all. SMH. What do you all think???

  • Lola

    She didn’t get the memo……they are DIVORCED!!!!!!!!!!! So what does she really have that Chilli wants…Oh I get it Chili want to be an ex-wife…SMH

  • Danielle

    Agreed they are divorced.. which means not married which means he doesnt belong to you! These women are supposed to be two professional women who are respected in their professions..they are making themselves look like two teenage girls fighting over the captain of the football team. If you love him respect him and STOP the nonsense.

  • carie

    AGREE. You both need to get a life. Usher is not with either of u. Chilli left xuz he was unfaithful. Tameka u r divorced, sweetie. Either have Usher. So guess what! Lets b respectful Ladies and stop acting like 3 year olds fighting over cookies. LOL. Believe me Usher wont be …….up any time soon. His moma got his back.

  • sabrina

    She needs to move on from her ex..he did…this marriage put her in the spotlight …she just need to use the time to increase her business before the light goes out

    • sabrina

      Honestly, have you heard of her before Usher???
      Use it before you lose it, sweetie

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