What Would You Do For A Box Of McNuggets??

chicken mcnuggets What Would You Do For A Box Of McNuggets??

We all know that 6:30 AM is breakfast time at Micky D’s, but one chick didn’t get the memo. See what happened when her McNugget order got DENIED! (It’s NOT pretty…)

The nuggets ARE good, but are they worth all that?? No. Grab a McGriddle and call it a day.

  • T-momma

    what the hell was she smoking to react like that. i know that micky d’s got it going on but dang

  • L.L

    smh, damn NO type of food should be worth that kinda reaction, but secretly I’m just kinda glad that it wasn’t a black woman, we’ve been actin’ like fools lately, but still NOBODY should behave like that 4 ant type of food. PERIOD!!!!!!

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