1 Point For New Girlfriend, 0 Points Ex-Wife

gusw 1 Point For New Girlfriend, 0 Points Ex Wife

Dwyane Wade’s new girlfriend, Gabrielle Union, is free from all charges for getting to sexy in front of his children. Check out the details…

As reported by TMZ.com

Dwyane Wade’s actress girlfriend, Gabrielle Union, just won big in her legal battle against Dwyane’s ex-wife — as of last week, she’s officially in the clear over charges that she got too sexy in front of Dwyane’s kids.

It’s all over a lawsuit the basketball star’s ex-wife Siohvaughn Wade filed a few months ago — claiming her and Dwyane’s kids were left scarred when Gabrielle and the Miami Heat guard engaged in “sexual foreplay” in front of them.

Both Dwyane and Gabrielle denied the allegations — calling them “erroneous claims” — and last week, a judge in Illinois officially dismissed Siohvaughn’s lawsuit, citing improper jurisdiction.

Gabrielle’s lawyer — who called the lawsuit a “shame” and a “waste of time” — tells TMZ, “The allegations against Ms. Union are completely false and do not belong in the Illinois Court System.”

What do you think?!

  • Anti

    Wifey should have just taken the $$$$ and split. We all know Gabby stole her hubby, but hitting them pockets is a win win situation for wifey. Bogus lawsuits make her look crazy, deranged.

    • Chalene

      I totally agree with Anti. You hit the nail RIGHT on the head!!!

  • Sheryl

    Gabrielle couldn’t steal him if he was already gone!!!

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