Wyclef Is In Disbelief!!!

wyclef Wyclef Is In Disbelief!!!

[lastfm]Wyclef[/lastfm] is in shock that they have rejected is candidacy for President of Haiti. Check out why…

According to [lastfm]Wyclef[/lastfm]’s tweet his presidential bid in Haiti is over because he simply hasn’t live in the country for over 5 years. Makes sense, right? Well, [lastfm]Wyclef[/lastfm] doesn’t seem to think so. [lastfm]Wyclef[/lastfm] said in an interview with the Muslim network Al Jazeera that Haitians ” don’t need a local president, I think we need a global president, someone that can travel.”

What do the people say???

  • JDOG

    i think clef should be able to run because he is a naturalize citizen he was born in the country PEACE

  • http://ccranmore.wordpress.com Crystal Cranmore

    i think its unfortunate that he couldn’t run for president. check out my video of some haitain responses to his being unable to run on my page ccranmore.wordpress.com.

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