The Natural Hair Community Is OUTRAGED!!!

jillscott The Natural Hair Community Is OUTRAGED!!!

Now who would want to outrage the community full of weaveless, permless, fine tooth combless people?! [lastfm]Jill Scott[/lastfm], apparently. Find out why…

The community is upset with her because she got a RELAXER!!! WHAT?! *side eye*

Apparently, [lastfm]Jill Scott[/lastfm] showed up to her class reunion with a relaxed hair style and people FLIPPED because she rocks the natural so well!!! Really, though???

Hair is hair. Get over it!!!

  • Treena

    I must admit I like Natural better on her. And the color is too dark.

  • t-momma

    This is stupid. She should allowed to wear her hair in any style she wants. Its HER hair. Jill knew what she was saying when she sang …. go ahead hater, hate on me.

    Yo go jill scott.

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