Sooo… What’s The Point Of The Reality Show?!

ochocincoevelyn Sooo... Whats The Point Of The Reality Show?!

Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, you got some ‘splainin’ to do. VH1 is HOT with the Cincinnati Bengals star for…???  Check out the reason here…

Well, it is reported that VH1 is upset with Ochocinco because he tweeting all about his “supposed” relationship with Basketball Wife, Evelyn Lozada. What’s the problem with that??? Well, the problem with that is his reality show on VH1, The Ultimate Catch is still airing, which spills the beans that #85 is not ending up with any of the girls on the show. VH1 had couldn’t speak on the situation because the show is still airing.

SMH. Do anybody on these VH1 dating reality shows ever end up with the girl or man??? Let’s be serious VH1, nobody takes these shows seriously.


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