Carmelo’s Got An Idea That Might Get Him In Trouble

carmelo Carmelos Got An Idea That Might Get Him In Trouble

NBA player, Carmelo Anthony took to his twitter page to go in on Kat Stacks and to make a threat on her life. His wife Lala backs him 100% too. Check out what was said…

Supposedly, while most of us were catching zzzzzzzzzzzzz’s, Kat Stacks took to twitter to send newlywed Carmelo Anthony an “inappropriate message” and this is what Carmelo responded with…

melo1 Carmelos Got An Idea That Might Get Him In Trouble

WOW!!! Please don’t tell me she got you too and you…??? Ugh!!!

Of course Lala backed her man and tweeted…

lala Carmelos Got An Idea That Might Get Him In Trouble

Another twitter beef… SMH.

The sad thing about this is the NBA commissioner doesn’t take to threats too well and in most states putting money on someone’s head to be harmed is called criminal conspiracy… OOPS!!! If someone takes him up on his offer he will be an accessory to the assault which holds jail time. OOPS!!! Watch what you say in the heat of the moment.

Of course his twitter account was deleted the following morning.

  • Treena

    She is a skank anyway. I don’t see what all these men see in her except an easy lay that will get down with anything anyway.

  • SpoiledSexy1

    Oh well, her ass got slapped already anyway…bless her heart, lmao

  • carie

    Kat straight whore. So woman dont play that sh?t. Setup ur game up sweetie and get real all men any for that azzzz!

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