How Often Do You Do “It”?

menwomen inbed How Often Do You Do It?
Are you curious if you have a healthy appetite for the “grown-up”? See what the statistics say about your love life and how often most people do “it”.

Is your intimacy department open and active for business or do you need love under new management? According to a new Redbook poll… here’s how often people are “doing it” like LL Cool J:

35% — Once or twice a week

5% — Once a day — at least!

25% — Three to six times a week

19% — Two or three times a month

10% — Once a month or less

6% — I don’t have a partner right now

Where do you fall in these stats?????

  • tracey

    Twice a week maybe! I’m 38! Need advice been scorn and hurt a lot!

  • Treena

    Seven days a week. Once sometimes twice a day. We have a very happy healthy relationship and I’m on Depo so no mother nature to get in the way either.

  • SpoiledSexy1

    @Treena….Ewwww, you could have left it at 7/2….TMI….LOL…CHILE PLEASE!

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