What Do You Think Of The New AXE Commercial???

axe What Do You Think Of The New AXE Commercial???

If you’ve been watching TV lately you may have noticed the latest AXE commercial that was banned back in January of this month, but now it’s all good to roll. Some feel the commercial is inappropriate, some don’t see anything wrong with it. Take your pick…

  • G

    I thought this commercial was funny!!!!!

  • Lindsey

    this commercial is funny

  • denise


  • Literally Logical

    Wow….That’s is by far the sickest commercial I have seen in a while. But, I’ll buy one….LMAO

  • SpoiledSexy1

    yeah, that was too much for regular tv….funny yes, but fir the kids to see and hear, awwhellnaw!!!!!!!!

  • brittany


  • crystal

    It’s very funny!!

  • BlackMamba77

    too much for kids but funny for me!!!! still lmao!!!

  • Hannah

    I Hate It When People Say Its Inappropiate Cause Most Of The Stuff They Put Out Here These Days Are VERY INAPPROPRIATE, But U Still See It On Tv

  • BabyBoi

    yea it was inappropiate but it was funny they shud put on the air one time

  • MW

    looks like a good superbowl commercial to me. lol

  • MelD

    Its because of people with sick minds think that its inappropriate. There are worst things i have seen on tv. We all know the slang term ha..ha..

  • Linda

    The commericial was done in poor taste. This is something kids in middle school would think is funny. Wow says something about the intelligence of adults who paid for this commericial and aired it on television.

  • NJS

    it’s funny for intelligent, mature adults, but inappropraite especially for this young genertation who already dont have any censor to sex. This just adds to it.

  • *ME*

    DISGUSTING & INAPPROPRIATE!! I think it should be removed…

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