You Know 50 Cent Has Something To Say…

50cent1 You Know 50 Cent Has Something To Say...

Because [lastfm]50 Cent[/lastfm] always has something to say!!! I know you heard about the twitter beef between [lastfm]Soulja Boy[/lastfm] and [lastfm]Fabolous[/lastfm], if not, click HERE. Well, 50 had to cents to add…

If you know 50 Cent you know he can’t speak without cursing so the censored version of what he said goes like this…

I told you [people] a long time ago soulja boy my little [dude] yal better leave him the [heck] alone for somebody get hurt. For the last time I’m telling you [people] leave my [dude] alone. hollow tips a make you spit more then a hot 16. I get all you [dudes] killed [forget] that. I dear you [people] touch him. Soulja say what ever you want [people] aint gone do [nothing]. [Mother Scooters] always think its joke till a [dude] dead and they crying like that was my homie. I’m going back to write my album lolBut leave soulja alone a [chick] set him up give him a break dam.

If you read better uncensored click HERE.

Twitter is getting a little too… Ummm…??? Dangerous!!! Chill with the beefs!!!

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