And She Blamed A Black Girl… SMH

acidgirl And She Blamed A Black Girl... SMH

At the beginning of the month the search was on for a black girl that threw acid in Vancouver resident Bethany Storro face. However, after things didn’t add up Bethany finally admits it was all a hoax… She did it to herself!!!

This “headline maker” story went nationwide when Bethany Storro told the police what had occurred on the night of August 30th. Apparently, a black woman carrying a styrofoam cup approached her while she headed to her car and said, “Hey, pretty girl, want something to drink?” and when she declined the woman threw a cup full of acid into her face. The police thought the story was a little funny when she said the sunglasses on her face are what saved her eyes, but it was nighttime when this “supposedly” occurred. Other things that didn’t add up for detectives was the splash pattern of the acid and it didn’t run down her neck. Also, the “supposed” victim’s story began to change every time she was questioned. Finally, Bethany came forward admitting she did it to herself. SMH.

Besides questioning why she did this to herself, why did she blame a black girl for doing this to her?!


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