New Video: Ice Cube, “She Couldn’t Make It On Her Own”

She Couldn't Make it On Her own video by Ice Cube

[lastfm]Ice Cube[/lastfm]’s new video, “She Couldn’t Make It On Her Own” featuring Doughboy and OMG dropped online this week. (In case you didn’t know, OMG and Doughboy are Ice Cube’s sons, so yeah, they can bring it). The video is everything an Ice Cube video should be, plus there’s a crazy twist that will blow your mind.

The video below is the normal version, but if you watch the video here, you can actually click on the IMKING threads OMG and Doughboy are wearing and get them, without even stopping the video.

Yeah, that’s right—all you have to do is click on something you like in the video, and it goes straight to your shopping cart, except for the sombrero and the booty girls—you can’t buy those from the video, yet.

Ice Cube’s new album “I Am the West” hits stores and the web September 28th.

  • MizzSonia

    does why me at the end refer to his other song ‘why me’?
    was that an illuminati/masonic order sign he threw up?
    just asking? freedom of speech!!! don’t take tweets so literally!
    did you know that illluminati/masonic order circle is still practicing civil rights violating practices today?
    they’re a huge part of the music industry and other industries not taking responsibility for using major artist’s image/id without paying them!! i said without paying them!!! labor law violation!!! 2010 america, when are you going to help do something about it!!! REPARATIONS REPARATIONS, where my money at????????????

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