Cover Your Eyes!!!

rickross Cover Your Eyes!!!

[lastfm]Rick Ross[/lastfm] did a sextape?! Please say it isn’t so. 50 Cent posted it on his website and…

Yuck!!! You actually wanted to see it?! Google it because we won’t show it.

Rick Ross of course says it’s not him in the video because of the lack of tattoos that the individual has. Hmm…??? You believe him??? I mean, Ricky Rozay did say he never was a probation officer too. SMH.

  • baby

    Rick ross didn’t do a sex tape, his baby mother did. Get the facts straight before posting the wrong info…smh!

    • Syniah

      you sure about that? lol

  • baby

    Are you? lol

  • DMVRidah

    its him

  • SpoiledSexy1

    I just called earl!!!!!!!!!

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