Ever Wondered What Ne-Yo Was Like At 17?!

neyo3 Ever Wondered What Ne Yo Was Like At 17?!

[lastfm]Ne-Yo[/lastfm] sat down in the hotseat on MTV’s latest show, When I Was 17 to discuss just that.

Umm… Ne-Yo was that a perm?! What’s up with all the earrings?! So many questions.

  • Venus

    Come out the closet Ne-Ne.

  • T-Mamma

    @Venus when he final does he is not just gonna come out, that fool is going to leap out with 2snaps up. look at him trying to be hard with his LLCoolJ i need love pose in pic #1, but look at him in pic #2 with his hair all permed down, his 3 gold hoops, and his glossed for days shinny lips.

    come on Ne-Yo kick the door down and come on out the closet, you know we still love you.

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