Put Your Dreams On Hold For Your Man?!

ludacris Put Your Dreams On Hold For Your Man?!

A lot of talk has been going on regarding the relationship between [lastfm]Ludacris[/lastfm] and his girlfriend, Eudoxie.

If you didn’t know, when Ludacris met Eudoxie she was a med student in Florida studying to be a doctor. However, nowadays you see Eudoxie spending a lot of time with Ludacris; traveling with him and attending all events. The question came up of how is all that possible and still working to get your white coat. The word on the street is Eudoxie has taken a break from school because Ludacris wanted her closer to him. Hmmm…???

“Submissive to your man”???

  • ANDY A

    Wow! I like that. It is not about being submissive. It is about putting in work for love & what you want. Remember, she can always continue her studies from where she stopped. If that was not possible, I will say BAAAAD idea to quit med school

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