Clock this T on Tyrese, Kim K and LaLa

yawning Clock this T on Tyrese, Kim K and LaLa
Ok so all these celebs need to text each other and stop putting dumb junk on twitter. Case in point, Tyrese, LaLa and Kim K, guess what happened? So everyone is Bff’s in the industry. To me that just seems like a term given to a whole bunch of folks who only hang out for camera ops. Until there is a detrimental situation, just showing me photos of everyone smiling doesn’t move me. With that being said, if they were all vicarious Bff’s then WTH did Tyrese tweet this: “[Kim’s] got waaaaaaay more followers, Not tryna start no public sh*t..I’m just saying La is ur girl right?? Support her too dammit!!”

*coughs* Then LaLa came back with this: “I’ve known [Tyrese] since I was 16 years old sometimes he reacted without knowing the facts. And fact of the matter is Kim has a show on at the same time as mine. E would have a cow if she was tweeting about my show when she has a show going on. Just think about how ridiculous that would be; ‘Everybody watch Lala’s show.’ Don’t u have a show on at the same time?”

“Kim’s featured on my show in 2 episodes and she’s been completely supportive and I just think [Tyrese] didn’t know that and once it was explained he was like ‘aw I get it now.’ But he didn’t realize it would cause this whole frenzy that it did. But in no way have I ever questioned our friendship. This girl goes hardcore when it comes to being a true friend.”

Couldn’t she have either called him or acted like she didn’t see it. I’m just thinking from a higher up view, if you’re so busy them why tweet for all of us to see, just straighten him out via text, cuz why didn’t he tweet Kim K. direct? Or why didn’t Carmelo send him a threat…nevermind..too messy…Exactly, why it’s all my MO-pinion.


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