Sagging Pants Are A Big Issue To Some People

sagging Sagging Pants Are A Big Issue To Some People

Seeing some guys walking around with their pants hanging below their butts bothered a Memphis man so bad that he did the unimaginable.

kenbonds Sagging Pants Are A Big Issue To Some People

This Memphis man shot the man in the booty!!! WOW. According to reports Kenneth Bonds yelled at some teenage boys outside of his house to pull their pants up. The teens, of course, ignored the man, so Bonds pulls out a semi-automatic pistol and fired striking one of them in the cheek. Bonds was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated assault and release on bond. The teenage boy was treated and released.

SMH. All over some sagging pants.

  • taraysha

    The boys should have pulled them up…guess they’ll think twice next time they get dressed.

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