Ibiza Getting Sued For Detaining Patrons

club Ibiza Getting Sued For Detaining Patrons

Ibiza, like any other club, don’t play when it comes to their money. However, they went about getting their money in the wrong way and now are being sued.

A group of 8 guys decided to get their party on at a table in Ibiza and racked up a bill of $690. However, when it came to paying time the card came up declined and to be sure that they don’t slip out on the bill, club security and off-duty police officer detained them until the bill was payed–which is illegal. One of the patrons said that he was kidnapped and had to get the money from an ATM in order for his friends to be let go o_O.

Thanks to the good ol’ cell phone it was all caught on video…

I mean really, it takes 8 guys to pay for a bottle of Belvedere and a bottle of Bacardi O??? Really???

The lawsuit is asking for $1 million in compensatory damages and $1 million in punitive damages. WOW!

  • Juan Bravo

    The patrons were accused of stealing the bottles. Not running up the the tab. These are clips from a much longer video. The police are being directed by the Club security. You cannot round up a group of people a say come up with the money or all are going to jail. This contrary to our legal system. The police should have stopped it but instead they allowed this illegal behavior to continue on.

  • SpoiledSexy1

    Um, if they didn’t pay the bill, they in fact were stealing. Nothing done on the club’s end was illegal. But just two bottles at almost $700, that’s suspect!

  • The truth

    It’s apparent that this blogger and SpoiledSexy1 need to do some research and get the story right…Clearly, Mr. Juan Bravo has done his!

    • SpoiledSexy1

      CTFU, @the truth….excuse you? My feelings on the post are that…MINE. And if you go ANYWHERE and foot the bill, your STEALING, period, point ,blank. LMBO, try’n to play big with a DECLINED CARD, they knew they didn’t have the $$ to start with! Chile Please! Ok, no what? HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

    • Syniah

      Appreciate you checking out the blog. I’d hate to post something that is incorrect. You can check out where I got my information by going to this website: http://www.myfoxdc.com/dpp/news/dc/ibiza-nightclub-sued-for-detaining-club-goers-111010

  • Juan Bravo

    “Payed” or paid— Seriously who is writing this stuff, and more importantly who is fact checking what goes up on this site? The club owners accused the plaintiffs of stealing bottles. Its on the video. This was not about a someone a card being declined. They had a tab running, they accused them of stealing and when they denied it and asked to see the video, club security refused. This was a shakedown. The bartender came up short and blamed them because they were a group of immigrants. In the longer video the security say they are doing this because they “foreigners” and can’t afford to fight it out. I wonder what there liquor license is worth to them. It will be snatched with a simple investigation.

    • Syniah

      Appreciate you checking out the site. We need more people like you to point out misspellings and misquoted information on our blog. Tell a friend. =)

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