NYC on-air jock suspended..

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cipha sounds NYC on air jock suspended..
Some people will never learn, that no matter your opinion you still have to remain a pro. When you offend a race, and women, that is the ultimate NO-NO. Find out what DJ Cipha Sounds of one of the nation’s top morning shows said on-air, that got him suspended indefinitely. Then let me know if you think his apology is sincere.

This is the comment he made that had the whole Haitian community in an uproar and they want him fired for the insensitivity “the reason I’m HIV negative is because I don’t mess with Haitian girls.”

You know what, I’ma be real, this is why I follow the steps of Oprah. I watch as she meshes her opinion and keeps it politically, socially, and morally intact. Of course, offenses will come, but WOE by whence they come. There are times when you just need to be silenced, and this is one of them. In my MOpinion.

After you view the video, hop on the poll and let me know ya thoughts.

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