Sarah Palin responds

sarah palin Sarah Palin responds

I don’t know how much more of Mrs. Palin the people can take before someone reads her dooooown! What does that mean? Well, whenever you spew something out of your mouth, you never want it to return to you void. With that being said please listen to what Sarah says and let me know your thoughts. The Arizona shooter has been thrown in jail no bail. So in light of the tragedy, many have been pointing fingers at one woman they feel is responsible for all of this. Sarah Palin.

On January 8, the shooter, who I don’t feel like mentioning his name, mentally made the note that he should take matters in his hands. Literally. 6 dead. Many wounded. Seems that map of the USA SP posted on a social site, covered in cross-hairs, targeted the areas and politicians that supported the new health care reform. SMH

One of those supporters wounded in the fatal Arizona shooting just so happened to be Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. I recently found out that she is related to actress Gwyneth Paltrow. GG was shot in the head during the spray of bullets. At this time she is still in our prayers as she recovers.

After viewing her “it ain’t my fault” video, poll your decision. I already have my MOpinion on SP so I’ll stay neutral.

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