riders WTF...SMH Do you know who the “RYDERS” are? Neither do I. But this Theodore Roosevelt High School in DC has been through a lot. First a leaky roof in 2006 prohibited the team from hitting the court. Now, 5 years later this happens. Check out this mix up that happened to the same team.

Theodore Roosevelt’s team is called the Rough Riders. The athletic director Daryl Tilghman placed a uniform order for the school’s team. When the order came in the printing company spelled it w/ a “Y” instead of an I.


Since then, allegedly the uniform company has agreed to replace the jerseys with the name spelled correctly as soon as the misspelled ones are returned. The shade is, then the team will be without uniforms. Such a bummer.

I would’ve been fuming mad at that if I spent my good money and all the Jersey’s came back a messy misspelling.

Photo courtesy: The Washington Post/getty images

  • VA

    Maybe they are DMX fans… ::Kanye shrug::

    • Ashleigh

      No…The “Rough Riders” was the name of the 1st United States Volunteer Cavalry, connected to the 26th president Theodore Roosevelt. *DCPS education! lol

  • Ashleigh

    Damn look at the gym,,,hi Mr. Tighlman!lol

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