Whoopi gives us T on She and Sheen

wg Whoopi gives us T on She and Sheen

While others criticize Charlie Sheen about his decision to skip out on rehab to go back to work, Whoopi actually understood where he was coming from and decided to share her own T..

On “The View” Whoopi Goldberg confessed that she was once a functioning drug addict. She said that she only showed up to work because she wouldn’t get a check that she needed to buy her drugs. Messy. Her addiction was so bad at one time, she was afraid to leave the bed for days because she thought something was under it. *faints*

That’s why I say DON’T ever get upset because of someone else’s decision, nor point a finger. Everyone is different and handle things in their own way and time. It only really works for the good, when you give it to God. In my MOpinion.

photo courtesy: Gary Gershoff/ getty images


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