Are You Sure That’s Yogurt You’re Eating???

yogurtcup Are You Sure Thats Yogurt Youre Eating???

While shopping at the supermarket in Albuquerque, New Mexico a 28-year old woman got an extra ingredient added to her sample cup of yogurt.

The woman was offered to try a sample of a greek yogurt from a man who worked in the dairy department who described the yogurt as being high in protein. However, as she took a spoonful she knew that the yogurt had been tainted with semen. When she realized what she has tasted she took what was left of her yogurt sample and reported it to the officials who tested it to find out it included ejaculated protein (semen) and saliva. Gross!!!

The store clerk was tested for STDs and to see if it was his body fluids that were discovered in the yogurt which, indeed, was a match. They busted the store clerk, Anthony Garcia, on the spot after it was determined that he had two outstanding warrants for a 2009 arrest for criminal sexual activity with a minor.

What is wrong with people these days?! How did she know that there was semen in her yogurt??? Hmm…


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