WOW!!! A 10-Year Goes On Lil’ Wayne Over His Own Beat!!!

weezy WOW!!! A 10 Year Goes On Lil Wayne Over His Own Beat!!!

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I guess not everyone is feeling [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Lil’ Wayne[/lastfm] and his disrespectful lyrics. Three young sisters from Baltimore who are called “Watoto from the Nile” decided to put how they feel about the degradation of women in hip-hop music into a song. They perform their open-letter styled song over Lil’ Wayne’s “I’m Single” beat.

Thanks to NecoleB* we have the lyrics too…

Verse 1
This is message is to Mr. Wayne, I’m sorry plus I must complain
About what you do and what you say. I’m sorry that I feel this way
And I’m a girl that’s only 10, but for my sisters I must represent.

How old are you? I know you’re 20-something. Excuse me for the interruption.
I guess that means that you’re a man, but something I can’t understand.
The way you talk, the way you act. I hate when you be doing that.
And people say ‘ say No to drugs, so tell me sir, who should I trust?’
You or them. Are you promoting something? It’s time our people stop the fronting.

Single, a lack of single. You lack knowledge, information inspiration and you’re single. And then you start cursing, they make it even worse when, they play it with the radio version.

Make it sound like Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye, AYE! Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye, AYE! Why Every other word This song is disturbing, please Mr. Wayne can you stop all the hurting?

Verse 2
Peace, I hope you’re doing fine
I’m one year and the age of nine and I’m divine
Got my life’s purpose
My people I devote my service
My daddy told me I’m a queen, but you call women other things
It makes me mad, I can’t pretend
Sir, don’t call me out my name again.
And don’t you think it’s kind of mean to disrespect a royal queen?
We come from greatness, we come from love
Be like Steve Harvey-show ya love
I hear you got a little girl, does she get the same referral?
You call the world, not trying to lean, I hope you call her little queen.


Verse 3
KRS and Lauryn Hill..Props go out to Philly Jill, India Arie and Ms.Badu
Some people just to name a few
These people mean a lot to me, they feel me up with energy
They make my soul feel complete, I love that Public Enemy
Michael Jackson, Steve Wonder music that will make you wanna
Clap your hands and stomp you’re feet, they make you jump out your sit
Mr. Wayne we bout to close this letter, I hope that we can work together
And help our people, that’s what we need
One Love, forget the green

WOW!!! DMV, how do you feel about that one???


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