Ciara Is The Reason Kim Kardashian Wants To Sing

untitled2 Ciara Is The Reason Kim Kardashian Wants To Sing

If you ever wondered who or what possessed Kim Kardashian to even think about getting in a booth and start recording a song… well it was her BFF Ciara! Cici made a special appearance on last night’s Kourtney and Kim Take New York and during lunch with Kim she encourages her to record a song.

Click here to watch the video

Click here to listen to Kim’s new song “Jam”

  • @CarlosOvalle

    No Wonder.. Cici also probably told her.. “If I can do it, so can you..I’m hot and So are you..and if you do a video I’ll help you out with the moves, cause I can Dance Way better then I can Sing… “

  • SMiley b

    HA! wow kardashian became famouse bc of her sex video with Ray J. ALso her song um truley sucks . She sounds like she is talking like HEELLLO you suck

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