Are the Cruise’s trippin’????

suri Are the Cruises trippin????

Photo Courtesy: Arnaldo Magnani/ Getty Images

She drinks coffee, wears heels, still has a binky (pacifier), and still being carried like a baby…Mind you she is about to be 5 years old. Clearly, judging by the photo Lil’ Suri Cruise isn’t even in a car seat….Tom and Katie, we need to talk.

According to Popeater, Tom and Katie hardly tell Suri ‘no’. Some are saying that since TomKat are Scientologists, in this religion children are considered to be small adults. They are allowed to make their own way. Wow. So that means the parents are supposed to be friends and not disciplinarians? If so, this looks like the beginning to the end.

I know I’m not the strictest parent in the world, and there are things as a mom I let slide. But there are things that aren’t an exception. I let kids be kids. But there is a limit. If kids have no discipline, structure and that parent/friend differential, you are creating something you will have to deal with. You may not be able to handle it.

Let me know if you think with Suri almost turning 5, should this be going on in her life? All the african-american stars received backlash for being more friends than parent to their kids, so let’s turn the other cheek and see what the verdict is. You get to be my MOpinion.


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