11-year-old “Gang Raped” by 18 men, whose fault is it?

rapist mom 11 year old Gang Raped by 18 men, whose fault is it?

One of the mothers of the 18 suspects accused of gang raping a middle school 11-year-old girl last November, has come forth and made some even fierce accusations. Wait til you hear who she said is at fault.

This story in itself is a messy situation. The young girl was gang raped by 18 or more men. The sad part of it all, one of the suspects mothers’ says it’s not her sons fault. It should be partially the victim’s mother is to blame! Why? Well as per the other mother stated that a mom should know where their children “be at”. To add insult to injury, she says the girl lied about her age. She told people she was 17 and she dressed very provocative. WTF! NO excuse.

So if she would have told her real age, then that would justify that she should still be raped? Oh yeah lady, why is your son a rapist anyway? He turned himself in. Still no reason for 18 of these guys to mortify, destroy and ruin the 11-year-old girl! Did you know where he was “at” when he was committing this heinous act? I’ll wait!

That’s why people need to just keep hush . Stop trying to play judge, jury and Judas. Clearly all of these parents are going to have a heavy problem on their hands. This young girl is scarred for life. I do not condone this behavior. I would throw them all in jail. I’m disgusted. This is just my MOpinion.

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