Gottfried Gott FIRED!! lol

gotfried Gottfried Gott FIRED!! lol

Photo Courtesy: Michael Loccisano/ Getty Images

A wise crack, cost him the quack. Aflac Insurance company who does a lot of business with Japan don’t play when it comes to being tasteless against their clients. He tried it, and they fried it!! So he who cracks first, quacks no more.

I’ve never found this guy humorous at all, except for when he was on The Cosby Show years ago. But since he thinks he’s so funny, he decided to press his luck with a classless, messy joke that cost him his voice over job with well known company AFLAC.

Watch the vid so you can hear what he referenced to his girlfriend incorporating the Japanese Tsunami disaster into this crassness.

I’m glad AFLAC let that lame go. Yes, he is lame to me. Anyone who uses devastation as a way to try and garner a laugh needs to be sat down. In my MOpinion.

Just in: I also heard that rapper/mogul 50 cent is under fire for some remarks he made as well. This is one time I’m so glad Kanye West didn’t get involved in the ratchet banter.

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