Amber Rose “I Have Never Been A Prostitute”!!!

108051399 Amber Rose I Have Never Been A Prostitute!!!

[photogallerylink id=61663 align=left]Amber Rose is tried of being ridiculed for everything that she does. Couple of days ago, she took to her twitter to voice her frustration.

Morning Twit Fam, [I] didn’t really wake up in a good mood today. I’m just so sick of being ridiculed. [People] assuming things without knowing. I’m super nice to everyone I meet. I’m a very caring compassionate person. I don’t deserve to be talked about so negatively. I really hate explaining myself that’s why I stay so quiet but I will say this….. I was with my ex for 2 years and now I have a new Love. [Two People] that’s it. If that makes me a whore then so be it. I have NEVER slept with Fabolous, Drake, Chris Brown, Amare, Lebron, Cassidy etc nor have I ever been a Prostitute.

Comedian Lil’ Duval responded to her by saying:

No disrespect, but that’s what comes [with] being around so many different men. In our mind if [you are] with him [you] f***ed him. In this world, it’s not about what you think you are, it’s about what people SEE [you] as and it’s up to you to make them see what you see. You’ll see what I’m [tryin] to say later on. [I’m] not bashing you. Just understand [that] you are what’s perceived in this industry

Read more over at Necole Bitchie!

Are People Being Too Hard On Her?

  • Vanessa

    Who cares about who she does or hangs out with. That’s her business. Let her do her.

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