5 yr old boy cries and gets WISH

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tear 5 yr old boy cries and gets WISH

photo courtesy: Adrian Samson/ getty images

Who said shedding a few tears, won’t get you your wish? I do it all time. Peep this video and see how no matter the height or age, wishes do come true. Owwwww!

The youtube video took the internet by storm. So according to The Associated Press,
Gov. Chris Christie signed a proclamation, naming 5 year old Jesse Koczon the state’s honorary governor for the day. Niiiiiice.

I wonder what I can get for my 2 year old son who falls out and embarasses me all in church. But that is very inspiring to know that you make a child smile, you have made an impact on that young ones life, in my MOpinion. LOL

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