Look At Me Now… No really LOOK!

busta Look At Me Now... No really LOOK!

Gallo Images via Getty Images

A chick gives Busta some go with her quick tongue? Wait! That sounds suspect… You have to see what I’m talking about, and you wont believe your eyes (or ears) when you see this video… And check out homeboy too!

Leave comments… I want to know what you think!

  • kickzngigglez

    WPGC yall are def late on this….Cmon son….This vid has been out for a while. Step it up plz..Late news is def old -___-

    • Syniah

      @kickzngigglez..sorry that some folks have lives and don’t stay on the internet as much as you do. I enjoyed it and it was my first time seeing it..now back to my life and you should get 1 to off of the internet

  • Meggie

    Whoever that is up top is a hater… The video is still hot! *rewinds and watches again*

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