Beyonce “Raw”

beyonce Beyonce Raw

Before[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”] Beyonce[/lastfm] performed 1+1 on American Idol her and [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Jay Z[/lastfm] did this

Jay Z recorded Beyonce rehearsing in her American Idol dressing room.

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  • JwalksOnwater

    LOOOOVE 1+1 her best ballad ever and this video of the rehearsal just gave me chillz

  • Jay Franco

    PERFECTION! She is not human.

  • Jae

    This is simply amazing. Such a strong, raw vocal. It’s amazing how after all this time her voice continue to grow and stun people.

  • Michel

    The VOICE of our generation for sure!!!Thank you for bringing real music Beyoncé!!We love you!!

  • SiriusWhite

    This song honestly brings tears to my eyes and that’s a first for any song. I’ve never had a favorite Beyoncé song (it’s just way too hard to decide), but 1 1 is it. It’s so beautiful.

  • Brenda

    I love the song so much. Beyonce voice is amazing acapella.

  • Hazel


  • RRJ

    This song is amazing! That right there is talent! This songs needs to be played on radio.

  • shawna

    She sounds amazing! Beautiful song.

  • Kevin

    Wow the rehearsal video got me crying. Beyoncé did it again, one of the best ballad I have ever heard.

  • Dawn

    Such a beautiful song. :(

  • BHeart

    This song is simply fantastic, LOVE it!


    The voice of true love. Beautiful

  • Jay

    BEAUTIFUL! Aamazing vocals, she has the best voice in the industry, and she remains humble.

  • Romy

    This song is EVERYTHING. Her vocals are incredible. Perfection, She’s not from this planet. Wow. Amazing.

  • Saunte Robinson

    Beyonce sounds absolutely amazing… as someone else stated, it sent chills through my body. The song is beautiful and she does many different things with her voice! LOVELY

  • Charyn

    Beautifully emotional, sensual, and vocally amazing!!!! The guitar is crazy! I Loveeeee It!

  • Jay

    My goodness…God is so good with the talents He gives us. My Lord. Absolutely beautiful.
    Also…her nephew is sssoooo big now. And he looks just like Solange. Love them.

  • LiveLife

    LOOOOOVE BEYONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chills just listening to this

  • kat

    she is absolutely incredible! her voice is out of this world!

  • Brittany

    It’s perfection, both the ballad and the AI Rehearsal. Her voice is beautiful. The clarity and emotion is EVERYTHING. Beyonce is the complete talented package.

  • qwerty346

    Raw performance of epic proportions. It’s the only way Beyoncé rolls.v <3333

  • Jessica

    AMAZING I love this song

  • Akilah


  • Critic

    Her vocals are perfection. Undeniably the voice of our generation!

  • loves1embrace

    WOW! Her voice is perfect. So much passion! Love this song!

  • Lisa

    LOVE it! She sounds STELLAR!

  • MW

    Beautiful song and she does an amazing job!

  • Lele

    Insane!! Greatest performer of our generation.


    WOW Amazing singer. Amazing song.
    I cried. she is the best

  • Jason


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