Hump Day Question Of The Day: How Many Sexual Partners Is Considered Too Many?

Cosmo magazine and released some survey results on How Many Partners Is Too Many? For men and for women. Statistics show that women thought if a man has sex with more than 20 women, then he was considered a whore. And men thought if a woman had sex with more than 10 people, then she was considered promisciuos…

Here are my thoughts about this topic. Most people rack of “sexual list” during college years… 18-22… and I consider that no judgment zone. You’re free to do whatever while you’re young. So I want to know from you… how many partners is considered too many if you’re 22 … and then if you’re 25…


  • Tae

    To me more than 10 man or woman is too many but that is just my opinion. People have tons of partners but if you use GOOD judgement about the types of sex that you have i guess a bunch of partners is cool but to each is his/her own.

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