SMH!! T.I. BACK In Federal Custody!

[photogallerylink id=33177 align=left]Many people joked about T.I being released from prison because he has a track record of going right back to prison.. but this is getting RIDICULOUS!!

T.I was released from Arkansas prison and was being transported to a halfway house in Atlanta. Word spread quickly about him getting a reality show from VH1 which was schedule to film his time in the halfway house as well. Well, the courts had no idea that any deal was made between T.I and VH1 and the halfway house was not going to let them film there. Also, in question was the transportation that T.I had from Arkansas to Atlanta, a customized bus. The issue wasn’t about the bus but what was on the bus and if T.I was also drinking. Which violates his probation.

For now, T.I is in Atlanta prison and is going to serve the remained of his sentence there and not the halfway house. His new release date is on September 29th.

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  • Maurice

    wow, I can’t believe this. How does TI get a bus and a TV show and liquor without someone up top approving this? Some thing doesn’t sound right. MoPoDC

  • chi chi

    I heard that he didn’t want the jail to transport him so he provided his own and sumone didn’t ask the 1 question how and who picking u up ok police authority sumone should get fired for that and the had to know bout his reality show they have to have permission for them to shoot it. Can u say fired sumone is loosing their job for that mishap

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