Laugh It Up – Top 20 Dallas Cowboys Jokes

Sunday is it: Round two of the infamous Dallas/Redskins rivalry. You’ve heard the trash talk and insults and the endless strings of Cowboys jokes… and here’s some more! A few of our classic favorites… (and YES we know some of them are old… that’s why they’re called ‘classics’..beh!)  Enjoy!

A Dallas Cowboy fan, a Washington Redskin fan and Julia Roberts…. are all sitting together on the subway when the lights go out. The car is completely dark and all you hear is a kissing noise… and the sound of a really loud SLAP!! When the lights come back on, Julia and the Redskins fan are glaring at the Cowboys fan, who is holding his slapped face in bewilderment. He quickly sums up the situation.

That Redskins fan must have kissed Julia. She swung at him and missed, and hit me instead!
Meanwhile, Julia is thinking: That Cowboys fan must have tried to kiss me, accidentally kissed the Redskins fan, and got slapped for it!
And the Redskins fan is thinking: This is great! The next time the subway car’s lights go out, I’ll make another kissing noise and slap the crap out of that Cowboys fan again!


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