Laugh It Up – Top 20 Dallas Cowboys Jokes

121042523 Laugh It Up   Top 20 Dallas Cowboys Jokes

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A boy is walking near Fed Ex Field when he sees a man being attacked by a vicious dog. He finds a stick and fearlessly charges the dog with it – slipping the stick through the collar, twisting it, and breaking the dog’s neck. He saves the man’s life.

A news reporter for the Washington Post is close by and witnesses the entire event. He rushes over to the hero and tells him he wants to put this in the paper with the head line: “Redskins Fan Saves Man from Certain Death”

The boy replies, “That’s great! Only change it to “‘Cowboy’s Fan’! I like Dallas!”

The reporter scratches his head… and changes the headline. “Ignorant Redneck Bas**rd Kills Family Pet.”

  • jokes to make a girl laugh

    I must say that I do like the manner in which you have presented this problem. Keep the posts flowing :)

  • Huh?

    Who is Janie and how did she get in the conversation? I’m just saying.

  • Justin Case

    What’s backwards is these are actually Deadskins jokes with “Cowboys” inserted.

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