[Video] Good Cop Vs Bad Cop: Florida Trooper Pulls Miami Officer Over!

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Florida Trooper Pulls Miami Officer Over For Going 120 Mph & Cuffs Him!

  • Lisa

    I think the Trooper did a great job, police officers lately think they’re above the law. A badge does not make you above the law, it helps you uphold it. This would not be an issue if this were still a cop, but he were in a regular unmarked car or if he were on duty with his lights on, but this isn’t the case. This was an officer who thought he was above the law and completely disregarded and disrespected another officer by continuing even after her lights turned on. There could have been lives lost, there have been before over cops like this and it’s funny how all of them seem to come out of Miami

  • AP

    Agree with the state trooper!

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