Pay Up! Angela And Vanessa Simmons Owe $450,000 To IRS

[photogallerylink id=96725 align=left]Seems like every day there is a celebrity getting hit with a huge tax bill from the IRS. Don’t these people have managers, accountants and financial advisors who take care of this stuff before it hits press? Angela & Vanessa Simmons (who never get any bad press) are the latest celebrities who owe the IRS over $450,000 in back taxes.

In March of 2011, the state of California filed a $39,538 lien against Angela, 24, and a $44,253 tax lien against Vanessa, 28. Angela was then hit with more liens in April and May by the state of New York totaling $159,714. The same happened to sister Vanessa in November and December, equaling $180,315. Because of additional liens from New York state, the sisters reportedly owe the government a combined total of $450,478.

I’m sure the sisters aren’t worried. Angela spent NYE on Miami Beach before flying off to another beach with friends. We’ll see what happens.

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