Writer Offers $1,000 To Beat Chris Brown Up!

[photogallerylink id=81571 align=left]According to Huffington Post, a writer is so infuriated about Rihanna and Chris Brown’s reconciliation that he is offering $1,000 to ANYONE who hits Brown with “at least two solid punches.”

According to Huffington Post, writer, Seccia, wrote that Chris Brown “is a horrible human being,” and argues that he shows no remorse “brutally assaulting and threatening to kill a woman,” and doesn’t even acknowledge what he’s done.

Using violence to teach a lesson against violence??? hmmm…

Nonetheless, for the previous reasons the writer is offering the “cash prize” to the first person to “deliver documented proof that they hit Brown with ‘at least two solid punches.'”

For legal reasons, Seccia explains that his offer is “partially” a joke, but his views on Chris Brown and him deserving some type of bad karma definitely seem serious…

Sunni And The City

  • Nicole Dickens

    Rihanna forgave him so that’s all that matters. People need to mind their own business and worry about their lives. Everyone makes mistakes and nobody is without fault. We all have done something that we can’t take back. He apologized an that’s al that he can do. Hecant und what he did. Move on people! Its not like it happened over and over again. Miranda Lambert, get a life sweetie!

  • Paula

    Miranda Lambert gave a standing ovation to Glen Campbell who beat Tanya Tucker’s teeth out from the root! Where was her outrage that night. Her daddy hated that man, what would he think about that? Where was her “social conscience” that night?

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