The Masked Mamba Kobe Bryant In Town Tomorrow @DJFlexxDC Has Your Tickets

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Should DJ Flexx give you tickets to tomorrows Wizards game vs the Lakers or give the tickets to his intern? The tickets are in the WPGC Suite and Flexx will be the host.You decide who gets the tickets

Take the poll if there are enough votes for you he will give the tickets to tomorrows game today at 5:20pm during The bvDrive @ 5 With DJ Redz

  • Keonté

    I’m sure your intern works extremely hard. However, I really think I should go to me. I know…selfish, huh?!

  • julian carter

    I would appreciate those tickets playa

  • Keonté

    I’ll take the tickets off your hand! Did I mention that already?!

  • Joel Nuthalapati

    You should give those tickets to me, so me and my little brother can go and watch the greatest NBA player alive play at the verizon center.

  • keisha

    its my first basketball game and its the lakers in the Capitol can’t wait to c them loooooose today is a good day

  • Sharae Curtis

    Hope I win the Kobe Bryant with the LA Lakers and would love to take my son who has never been to a game!

  • Sharae Curtis

    I would love to take my son to the Kobe Bryant game and will be his first experience!

  • baldhead1

    Make sure u are tuned in @ 5:20 to win

    • Kelley G

      Do we need to vote above or just tune in?

      • Kelley G

        BTW, I (#1 fan) would love see my babe KOBE take it to the Wizards!

    • Heatherr Williams

      oneeee minute!!! meeeeeeeeee:)

  • Kel Marshall

    This will be the best gift for my husband! He’s been a wonderful husband to me for almost 7 years. I’ll take the tickets!

  • Januwa Richardson

    I would really love to go to this basketball game…i envision having so much fun…let my hair down…wooowh…

  • Shenique

    Me me me pleeeeeeease!! :-)

  • Heatherr Williams


  • Shenique

    Your intern and I cam go together. I dot mind sharing!!

    • Shenique

      Excuse those spelling errors, I really can spell. I promise. Lol.

  • Shenique


  • Jay Richardson

    Winning things are alot harder than I thought…but a real moment to let my hair down and have a good time would be much appreciated…if not for me, maybe for my service as a active duty black female united states marine…..10yrs going strong…

  • Shenique

    Guess we had to call and not vote online. :-(

    • Shenique

      It’s cool…I’ll still take the tix. ;-)

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