Stand For Trayvon: JUSTICE RALLY

Trayvon Martin, 17-year old Florida resident was on his way home from a local store when he was shot and killed by George Zimmerman, a town watchman. Although, Zimmerman claims it was in “self-defense,” the young boy was unarmed.

The attorney for the Martin family claims that 911 tapes and a call log between the Trayvon and his girlfriend cancel out Zimmerman’s claim for self-defense.

This case has sparked peoples emotions as they are enraged as to why Zimmerman has not been charged yet, ESPECIALLY since the federal government is now involved.


trayvon rally flier Stand For Trayvon: JUSTICE RALLY

What do YOU think, is this a “race issue?”

dsc 0454 Stand For Trayvon: JUSTICE RALLY

dsc 0459 Stand For Trayvon: JUSTICE RALLY

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  • Michael Gaston

    Stand for Trayvon Martin. There are many other states that have similar “Stand Your Ground” laws. Neighborhood watch patrols should NOT have police powers! Tell your representatives that this type of legislation must be repealed. Sign the petition at

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