How Soon Will You Forget About Trayvon Martin?

Since the murder, many cities in the US have rallied together in support of one family who lost [pullquote quote=”It is hypocritical to get mad when a white man kills me but not get mad when a black man kills me…” credit=”Participant at Justice Rally for Trayvon Marton-DC”]their teenage son due to senseless violence. DC is no exception. But the question is, will the Trayvon Martin case be yet another rally/ protest/ movement that fades in popularity?

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With high-profile individuals like Will Smith, Wyclef Jean and Wu-tang (to name a few) commenting and demanding justice, this murder case has become a media frenzy. However, are we over looking a few things? We live in a violent society where things like reality TV fights, violent video games and movies rein supreme.  

(Violence in reality TV)

So what makes the Trayvon case so special- it’s televised- it’s real and it brings a number of issues to the fore front. For example, racism, bullying and abuse of authority. A group of young ladies decided that here in the Nations Capital we should stand up for Trayvon’s injustice but as Tony Redz brought up, why only stand after tragedy strikes?

(PG county MD police brutality case 2010)

Why are we not focusing on preventing rather then dealing with? If you have children or can one day imagine yourself with one- don’t be quick to whisper racial slurs and then turn around and call someone else racist, don’t wait to discipline your child after s/he commits a violent act. The change doesn’t start with the government it starts with you. So ask your self today what you can do to save a life tomorrow?


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